31 thoughts on “Will AT&T-T-Mobile deal be good for consumers?

  1. @bieberhater1 Att wants a merger, not a grandson relationship. In the automobile industry there are a great number of choices that keep the market healthy, you know, healthy Capitalism. We only have 4 and look how they all have been following ATT's censorship and "cap" trends. Imagine when they are the biggest and only 2 competitors. Start thinking bro.

  2. @bieberhater1 So, let me see if I understand. You think that it is a better idea to buy the neighbor's house fore the sole purpose to use their garage instead of expanding the one you already have. If AT&T wanted to give you any extra perk, they would take those 39 Billion dollars and invested it in their network. This is not about consumers of quality of service. It is about corporate control of the market. Are you always naive like that or this was just a bad day?

  3. If AT&T cared about coverage they would invest 39 BILLION dollars in their network instead of buying competitors. Start using your brain instead of your remote controller, please.

  4. T-Mobile does NOT cover much in the rural areas… AT&T will only add some density to their coverage in some cities, but also add a LOT of users, until the spectrum and towers are fully integrated 1-2 yrs after the merger is approved. Maybe service get's better, If you want to know if this merger will help u, AT&T customers, travel to those areas that coverage is bad, with AT&T, use a Prepaid T-Mobile phone with u & see if it works better if not there is your answer!

  5. @rahmanroni
    Me too. I hate AT&T they take away our choices. They wave iPhone around like they will actually let any T-mobile customers have it for what they can get a cool HTC for. Soon we will be giving our tax dollars to "too big to fail" cell companies. AT&T will be at the Hill with their hand out. Normal people who 1) like predictable billing & service 2) want more option for the money 3) want a nice affordable phone, will all be on a pre-pay plan.

  6. I had Cingular, before AT&T took it over. This is the 2nd time I will be going through this. I don't need any reports to tell me that this is a bad idea. AT&T could build a better network for the same money it is paying to eliminate the lowest priced competition. I am expecting lots of dropped calls, lost bills and payments, and finally bad service at a shirt of my children's back price. If they are too tired to compete in the market or come up with some new innovation get out of the market.

  7. @bieberhater1 Are you high? ATT is absolutely horrid. I was a Cingular customer, they said the same thing. That nothing would change, next thing i know, Cingular no longer exists and Im given the choice to leave or get a more expensive contract. After 2 painful years, I left for tmobile and their affordable plans and great customer service. Now its back to them again?

  8. Name one merger in history that has resulted in more choices and lower prices for consumers. Name one merger that has actually created jobs for Americans and not resulted in more pink slips.

  9. if that happens though, it would be rather risky as each of the carriers would have to risk giving up their name brand by making it easier to unlock their phones, thus there would be the possibility of losing contracts. Sprint needs to and i think is already starting to recognize that contracts will be pretty much a losing battle anyways in the long run and should focus on providing better customer service and quality and they have great leaders to do just that anyone google Dan Hesse

  10. I would note that Virgin Mobile and Boost Mobile is owned by Sprint. I predict this will have either one or another effect: 1. Sprint Increases the Customer Service ratings of virgin mobile and/or boost mobile and builds a huge no contract empire geared towards the youth market with google's and blackberries and eventually catches up in the market while att and verizon continue to focus on each other or 2. one or all of the other carriers will switch to gsm to compete more

  11. Actually T mobile USA has like the best customer service… it's considered good journalism to do your fact checking. This is really classic att strategy to get a monopoly. It makes perfect sense. Now att owns a partial monopoly in the sense that they are now the only single big name GSM carrier. Everyone who wants sim card will be forced to go with ATT if they want a contract. Otherwise its boost mobile and virgin mobile no contract, which is cheap but poor customer service. Youth oriented.

  12. He should clarify that the Consumer Reports rating on T-Mo is based on the quality of the phone service, T-Mo is actually one of the top rated when it comes to customer service, there is a big difference, T-Mo quality would greatly increase with better infrastructure. While AT&T has the infrastructure it just sucks for tech and customer service.

  13. I used to have AT&T before it was full headaches, bad signal, swap number of cell that i had to buy from them. full hidden fees, i was stuck with them for 3 years contract. i could take it no more so i drop them within 1 1/2, i switch to T-mobile, and i been with them for over 6 years. not a problem but now AT&T taking over, I'm gonna drop them too. AT&T full of hidden fees, if you call costumer support they charged you. etc. ask around. I will switch to Verizon.

  14. I've been a customer of both Verizon and AT&T for many years in our business. Both companies will take advantage of you if you don't watch every contract you sign with them. I've also been a T-Mobile customer for the last 10 years and have had no problems (so far). I'd say on average, I'm much more satisfied with T-Mobile.

  15. Or combined infrastructure and eliminating costs which are now being paid for twice will increase efficiency and possibly lead to a better consumer experience. Given that the main 'problem' with ATT is perceived to be their network, then this acquisition is the fastest way to increase capacity and improve the customer experience.

    Or maybe your illogical assertion that because the two are currently ranked at the bottom, the merger wont improve things is correct.

    Which is the stronger argument?

  16. It is well known that AT&T blows. They have also slammed me on at least four occasions, making them my long distance carrier for the land line phone and four times I had to call and bitch slap them. They are a bunch of sociopaths. If the T-mobile (my current carrier) deal goes through, I'll chuck my cell phone into San Francisco Bay,.

  17. Oh really? Well who cares about what the CR says? On the other hand J.D. Power and Associates ranks it at the top. Should we take only that into consideration? OK, let's not. Let's call it even right there. Now go on and ask the customers directly, in forums or people you know. You'll see how satisfied people are. It is the best value for the money. You sound like that guy in the NYT that was just plagiarizing publications, instead of searching into the matter itself. Sir, you fail.

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