Want to get a new smartphone from Verizon wi-fi? How do you know which smartphone is the best offer? HTC 1, Samsung Galaxy Take note, Galaxy S4, Iphone 5S or LG G2?

I require a new smartphone. Which is the best Verizon smartphone?

Verizon sells the HTC 1 cellular phone. The HTC 1 is an Android cellular phone that is very well designed, really, durable and great speakers.

I will not like the HTC One’s design and style. It just isn’t the 1 for me.

You may possibly like the Samsung Galaxy Take note. It has an S-pen, a significant electricity processor and lengthy battery lifestyle.

Those telephones strategy $800 each. And that is for faux leather built from plastic.

The Galaxy S4 is significantly less costly, $500 each if you will not get a discounted with your contract. It has NFC and you can replace your very own battery.

The display is dim, and the program is complicated.

Verizon has the Iphone 5S. It has the iWork application suite crafted in, a significant end CPU and a motion tracking chip.

I stress about the NSA having my fingerprints from the fingerprint scanner.

Oh, arrive on. They now got your finger prints when you signed up for a driver’s license.

The Iphone 5S methods a thousand dollars. The Iphone 5C is less costly, but Verizon isn’t going to supply it.

You may possibly like the LG G2. It has an ergonomic Rear Key command, and it has a rapid online link.

It’s distant command just isn’t as fantastic as other telephones. The rear keys are, to me, a detrimental.

You just will not want to find out a different way to use your cellular phone.

I am correctly happy to hunch over and peck absent on my phone’s keypad.

The most significant Verizon smartphone is the Galaxy Take note three. Or get the Motorola Droid 4, since it has a crafted in, slide out Qwerty keyboard.

I desire we experienced far more options when it arrived to mobile telephones.

Did you see the scene in Funds In no way Sleeps, the place Gordon Gekko will get out of jail and will get a mobile cellular phone even larger than a brick that belongs in a museum?

Yeah, that was one of the funniest times of the movie.

Now complain to me once again about telephones that are also cameras, streaming media units, gaming centers and have motion sensors and not obtaining enough decisions.

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