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  1. I posted this on the Verizon site because it's the question that everyone wants an answer to. The answer to: "Does this phone require a data plan" is: NO! According to the internet, and a Verizon Representative (I called and talked to him) he said that all smart phones released before Nov 14th, 2008 don't need a data plan (excluding blackberries, they've always needed one). Hope that helps!

  2. Does anyone know if when you upgrade to this phone without buying it from Verizon, you have to get a data plan. Like if I got it from eBay or something and just activated it online.

  3. hell nah. I have windows mobile 6.5.1, fastest one I have seen yet, and no fucking data plan. Which smartphone is better without a data plan?
    AND WHERE CAN YOU BUY A BRAND NEW ONE? verizon stopped selling these ahwile ago

  4. No, only with phones released after the XV6900. That went in to affect 11/14/08. If you have an older phone the system will see that it is an old phone.

  5. I like this phone, but I have to say I like the xv6700 better, the button placement on this one is kind of unattractive. I think that these phones have gotten less and less attractive over the years. I do wish I had WM 6 though…

  6. i happen to have a LG voyager phone.. though its not a smart phone. I do like the easy to use keyboard for text messages. and the versatility of the touch screen when making or revieving calls

  7. I would suggest getting what will make you happen. The Voyager is a high end phone that is just below the smartphone level of phones. If you are looking for a more advance way to keep your calendar, contacts, task, e-mails with you and advanced features. I would suggest this phone. If not I would suggest otherwise but either way make sure you are happy with the phone itself.

  8. umm thats not exactly true… i have rogers/ bells in toronto and they charge you fo wifi :p.
    Not as much normal cell phone surfing but still charges you.. Im not sure bout america though xD

  9. Does anyone know if you have to pay verizon to use the WI-FI? According to the salesman, you do. I am skeptical though because it seems completely absurd that you would actually have to pay. The phone is awesomem, but I will not buy it if i have to pay for WIFI that is just ridiculous.

  10. this phone is miles ahead of the voyager if that is what you are looking for but some ppl may find it too complicated so it really depends on what you want this phone could basically be the same as a laptop if you want it to but the voyager is a highly featured phone and it can only be a phone

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