More important than iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S4 vs HTC One vs Moto X vs Xperia Z vs Galaxy Note 2… Which U.S. carrier should you support?
Who offers the best value? What is a loss-leader?
Is it worth it to pay full price for a phone “off-contract”?

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41 thoughts on “Verizon vs AT&T vs Sprint vs T-Mobile 2013 – Phone Wars 11 – Network Wars (part 1)

  1. verizon they are burning people do u no that there are two verizon the prepay and contract and if you happen to make a mistake they do not honor the other if they dont honor each other then we would be foolish to

  2. I pay less with Verizon then I do with sprint. heck with AT&T and even T-mobile I can pay less then with Sprint for a single line. I also get better coverage with those three over Sprint.

  3. Just discovered you,i like your vids……your vid about the tegra 4 was my 1st,a bit bummed i got the nvidia shield and dolphin emulator doesnt work well because of the open gl.anyways ill subscribe

  4. TMobile is the worst of them and Sprint has horrible. I wanted to save money so I tried the "cheapies" and you get less than you pay for with tmobile and sprint.
    I ended up bargaining with verizon and att and got a decent plan with verizon. 
    I hate my cell bill but its even worse when you go down to the cheap plans to save money with companies that are barely staying in business. This is what you do folks, TALK to the sales people, and be a bitch etc. but dont think going with a crap company to save money like tmobile or sprint is going to be the answer. It is nothing but WORSE headaches and eventually paying more for a LOT less

  5. Loool I came to watch this video to choose which service I should go to but these fucking comments confusing me……see one person say sprint is the best then 2 seconds later another comment saying spring is the fucking worst

  6. everyone listen and listen closely !! Att is in first place verizon is in second place sprint is in third place boost mobile is in fourth place metro is in 5th place and t mobile is Dead last fuck you t mobile you are Shitt!!!

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