This video clip shows that a Verizon Iphone 6 (CDMA) functions on the new Cricket Wireless (GSM). This shows that the Verizon Iphone 6 looks to be factory unlocked as I did not request an unlock.

It is a product A1549 (CDMA)

Verizon hyperlink on their unlock coverage – safety-protection/device-unlocking-coverage.html

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21 thoughts on “Verizon Iphone 6, 6 additionally on Cricket Wireless Mobile. Does it operate???

  1. I tried a new unlocked Verizon Android phone on Cricket (LG G5). For some reason I can't connect to LTE, but only connect to "H" which I believe is 3G+. Did anyone else have a similar issue?

  2. some people are saying that the iphones from verizon wont connect to cricket wireless and just use the verizon towers so for the iphone you sometimes cant get 4G or 4G LTE. is this true so when i get a phone ill only be on 3G or 2G ?

  3. Im not sure if you will know…. My bf has an iPhone 6s plus with Verizon and he is planning on reporting it "lost" so he will get a new one. And my question is do you know if the reported iPhone 6s plus will still work and can it be activated with cricket. Right now I put my sim card and it works but do they block them after being reported?

  4. what about the 6s from verizon? i want to keep my cricket service but i want to buy and refurbished 6s. cricket's website has a list of unlocked verzizon phones that will work with their service but this 6s is not listed.

  5. I have an iPhone 6 Plus that I got with verizon. They told me it's unlocked already so I'm thinking of using it on cricket. Think it will work? And do I just need a SIM card from cricket people or?

  6. My friend did this and everything seems to work except for sending out sms. He told me he can only send sms to verizon users and won't let him text any carrier unless it's using iMessage. Did you have to do some configuration or setting change to make your sms work? Thanks.

  7. Okay see the you put a cricket wireless sim but Does (LTE) signal show up after using the service for cricket. I currently use a iPhone 5 from Verizon but no LTE signal. So please people dont be fooled thinking that it will be LTE usage on cricket wireless with a Verizon iPhone period. If so prove it with a video on Youtube.

    Thank You

  8. is cricket cdma???? i have a weird question um its a bit confusing i have a question im looking into buying an iphone my area only cdma networks work i was wondering how to unlock it from one company so i can switch to a prepaid plan with my local company appalachian wireless or by a cheap prepaid cmda phone and switch with that company is that possible?????

  9. Does is matter if the phone was bought on a Verizon carrier store, third party seller like Best Buy or Apple store?  Where did you bought the phone? I did some research about the topic but not sure if even a phone is bought in a Verizon carrier store will still work and be FU.

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