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This video demonstrates how to enable the no cost wifi tether 4g hotspot on the Verizon Galaxy S5. We do not have root however so the only recognised approach to get wifi tether working is by means of FoxFi. This will also perform on all other Verizon Galaxy units these types of as the Be aware 3, Be aware two, S5, S4, and S3.

Grab the app listed here: cost-wifi-tether-any-android/

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25 thoughts on “Verizon Galaxy S5 Totally free Wifi Tether Information

  1. Hey please get back to me if you know how to turn off pin number back to swipe to unlock the device and still keep foxfi working. (so not remove certificate.)

  2. I have an S3 and I am currently in the process of downloading 4.4.2 to my phone… read about it not working so I was originally going to ignore the update and just stick with 4.3 to retain FoxFi Hotspot… I am happy that FoxFi fixed this to work on our phones! (:

  3. Questions.. i got rooted note 3 on 4.4.2 using bajarom. Is there any wifi apps for rooted phones working yet? if not i can use this.. but since they fixed it to get around verizon charging us tether usage.. will they find out? i got unlimited plan still (grandfathered in) just curious. Thanks for your help

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