When you are buying a cell phone, it’s often a catch 22 situation. You want the good deal on the hot new phone that the company dangles in front of your face, but you have to sign a two-year contract to get it. This is where we fall into the trap of getting stuck with one service that does not even really provide that good of a service.
The newer BlackBerry 8350i is one of the best blackberry smartphones available. However on Nextel it costs more then 120 dollars a month for unlimited everything and on moto g mobile you can get unlimited service for $50 a month.
The biggest feature of the Moto X is the ability to customize the colors with Motomaker. Users will be able to stop into their local retailer and choose from a variety of colors for the front, back, accent or trim, as well as add a unique signature to the back of the device. If a user would like to add a case to the device, customization on type and color will also be available.
Besides the obvious difference which is the design of the phone and the applications and memory available, the 8350i runs BlackBerry OS version 4.6 whereas the 7520 and 7100i run version 4.1. The older OS does not support as many apps and features.
This brings us to the Android. The Android has a little green man that is basically the brand symbol of the Android. Androids come in various versions.