Pets are precious companions to many pet owners and animal lovers where the demise of the pet or when the pet goes missing could bring great stress and grief to the owner. However, if the pet is implanted with a pet tracking device such as a pet microchip, this may change the situation for many pet owners.

Microchipping the Pet

With modern technologies progressively making a great impact on society in every facet, it is not difficult for consumers to accept the idea of having a microchip implanted in their pets. This integrated circuit chip is normally inserted in the skin of the animal at the size of a rice grain.

When the tiny chip is placed in the pet, it would allow an accurate tracking of the animal’s whereabouts. The market has excellent pet recovery service providers who specialize in this pet tracking device to help pet owners find back their missing pet easily.

The microchip is made from non-toxic biocompatible materials which are safe for the animal without any allergic reaction caused. The chip insertion process is simple without the need for anesthesia. Hence, there is no recovery time. The process could be carried out by a certified veterinarian who inserts the microchip using a hypodermic needle. The chip is placed under the skin between the animal’s shoulder blades.

The microchip bonds with the tissue within 24 hours to prevent displacement in the pet’s body. There is no wear and tear or expiry on the microchip; hence, there is no need to replace the chip after one insertion. Reputed pet microchip companies are skilled in producing such chips for the benefit of pet owners.

The pet microchip cost varies depending on the type and make as well as the retailer and vet services. However, it is a one-time cost incurred to last the life span of the animal.

Higher Pet Recovery

There is a higher chance of finding a lost pet with the pet tracking device than searching high and low the neighborhood. The RFID technology makes it easy for pet recovery service providers with the right facilities and expertise to identify the specific location of the missing animal quickly.

This pet tracking device has an identification number that is associated with every animal to help pet microchip companies offering pet recovery services to identify the missing and found animal. Such a device today is known as save this life microchip for pets that tend to rush out of the door or run off chasing any distraction without the owner.


It is expected that the pet microchip cost should go down as the demand for it increases with advanced technologies bringing on enhanced versions to delight pet owners.

By Nicole T. Doss