Mobility equals success in real estate, and a little extra leg work can pay off big. Put simply, the more homes you show, the more you’ll likely sell. This is the most obvious example, but there are thousands of others. No matter what kind of city you’re working in, or what kind of properties you sell, it’s almost always more lucrative to be in the field. While most Realtors understand this, many have a hard time staying productive on the road, but modern technology can help. Read on for some effective tech-tips for mobility in the home selling business.

Internet and email presence is a big part of a successful modern real estate marketing campaign, and staying live (or at least being able to update content) on the road is important. A cell phone/hand held pc will likely provide the most band for your buck here, enabling you to access the essentials like email, phone, text messaging, and a place to jot down ideas and phone numbers. The best phone/pcs also come with features like GPS navigation and mapping, so you can drive clients around even if you’re not familiar with the neighborhood.

Notebook or Tablet PCs offer increased functionality for when you have a little extra time and space outside the car. An illustration on a Tablet screen can help convince a client to list their home at a certain price, or give them a new perspective on the floor plan of a home they’re considering. PC users can tap into online mobility by using Internet cards, which provide access to wireless networks from any remote location. If you have cell phone coverage, you’ll likely have wireless access with an Internet card, allowing you to work from a car, check email, and send and receive contracts.

A good digital camera and mobile printer will make connectivity on the road a lot more worthwhile, so you can print out forms for clients to sign on the field (often where the deals take place), take pictures of interiors and exteriors for your next digital home presentation.

Moving and talking at the same time is also an important skill for Realtors, and digital recorders can make this a lot easier. With one of these you can record ideas or interviews with developers and clients, to make notes from later. You can also record your observations as you walk around a house, and chat freely with the seller.

Learning how to use your mobile equipment might be the most important part of becoming an effective mobile agent. Remember to take the time to practice with the devices, so you don’t lose data you think you’ve saved. Once you successfully integrate mobile functionality, you’ll be supervised by how efficient you can be as a Realtor.

By John West