21 thoughts on “T-Mobile strikes back in battle for best unlimited plan

  1. I remember when phone plans had truly unlimited data but that was in days when speeds were slower with 3G and streaming things on your phone or streaming things in general wasn't the norm.

  2. If sprint is good in your area it is by far the best choice right now. Its just too bad that Sprint is only good in like 30 cities.

  3. have been and will always be with T-Mobile. had AT&T long time ago… prices fluctuated way too much! with T-Mobile my bill has been the same for almost a year now and i now what to set aside for it each month.

  4. I don't even have home internet anymore why pay twice?? I use cricket unlimited and have unlimited hotspot ,,if you have the know-how ,,8-10 Mbits down is perfect for our family..we pay 180 for 4 lines..we love cricket!!

  5. this is so incorrect. You will simply be deprioritzed which means that you wont be slowed down until there is someone on the same tower as you trying to use a large amount data. for the most part its truly unlimited because its very seldom that someone is on the same tower tring to use that much data that it deprioritzes you to lower speeds. this video is false info.

  6. if you want tmobile hd streaming, you have to upgrade to a hd plan that cost 25 dollars more that's what they told me yesterday. I'm switching to Verizon i never get good signal with Tmobile

  7. I pay like $120 a month for unlimited data just for me, and when I mean unlimited, i mean unlimited, I've been up to 150GB. Thats thought Sprint.

  8. I had Verizon for years and thought thay We're the best network until I switch to T-Mobile and they blew Verizon out of the water now I'm on att and thay are on par with tmobile

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