After owning the mobile music market for a solid two decades Sony Electronics fell behind in the market to its competitors, namely the ipod and iPhone. Sony Cell Phones is trying to change that as they build a team of developers for a new phone that will make the ultimate gaming smartphone on the market. And who will Sony cell phones main competitor is? You guessed it: iPhone or Apple Cell Phones, whatever you want to call them.

The Sony cell Phones idea it to combine their popular gaming device with smart phone technology to make a gamer friendly smartphone, popular not only amongst kids but adult gamers, too. I assure you, though you may not see them every day, they are out there and they want games. So imagine that, a Sony Cell Phone mixed with the Sony Playstation Portable, even for non-gamers that is at the very least, a nice and intriguing idea. And Sony Cell Phones will need to get the project moving quickly as companies such as Capcom and Square Enix have already been developing games for the iPhone platform.

But let’s be honest, recent history may not be great for Sony but they are still a huge force in the electronics world and they have the wits about them to get right back in the smart phone competition and be a real contender against Apple and other major competitors. And the idea of a true gamers’ phone is great place to start. Making a solid smartphone is not enough these days. You need to bring innovation and uniqueness to the table and that’s what a gamers phone could do.

This kind of a phone could revolutionize portable gaming and could resurrect Sony Cell Phones on the smart phone market. This very well could be the last year to become competitive in the smart phone industry because it is progressing so quickly and the consumers are already so attached to certain names in the business that it is hard for them to imagine switching to a new comer when they already have a trusted brand.

So whatever Sony does, they know it has to be quick and it has to be good. But how can we ever count out Sony in any field of electronics. I for one certainly won’t do it and I think anyone who thinks they can’t gain the inside track in the industry is sadly mistaken. However, only time will tell.

By Paul Wise