Video exhibiting a Dash Dash LG G4 (LS991) which has been SIM unlocked for GSM carriers – even US carriers! Also displays LTE correctly enabled and operating!

We’re MN Cell Person – a organization in the US point out of Minnesota. We aid consumers each right here regionally as perfectly as all over the planet with all varieties of diverse solutions on mobile products. If you uncover by yourself in this situation and would like to have the company done, get in contact with us! We’re on Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, and Google+ – just search for “MN Cell Person”. You can also contact (if you’re located in North America) or email – mobile phone selection and email address are outlined on our social media internet pages.

Also check out out our internet pages for the full listing of all the solutions that we give – we complete SIM unlocking of all models of telephones, removal of Google and Samsung account locks, correcting of blocked or blacklisted telephones, installation of wifi hotspot on telephones, and a great deal much more!

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30 thoughts on “SIM Unlock Dash LG G4 LS991 For Use On All GSM Carriers – with LTE!

  1. Hola, tengo un g3 ls990 de sprint, funciona bien con la señal de VIVA en bolivia.. pero no levanta datos moviles. puedes solucionarlo? y cuanto me costaria?? gracias.

  2. You stated in your video that there would be a slide at the end so we can get in contact with you, well you didn't. Is there any other way to get in contact with you besides social media cause not everyone has that.

  3. hola tengo un lg g4 ls991 en mexico, mi situacion es que no puedo conectarme a internet con mi wifi me dice internet no disponible ni con los datos que se podra hacer para solucionar el problema.

  4. Estoy tratando de mandarte un mensaje pero no puedo, consulta compre esta versión y el vendedor supuestamente estaba desbloqueado pero no,cuanto cuesta el desbloqueo, soy de República Dominicana me dice sim inválido

  5. Hola buenas tardes yo tengo ese modelo de LG, lo libere y todo, pero no puedo usar las redes moviles, solamente me da señal de llamadas y mensajes, me dicen que hay que flashearlo para qje funcione correctamente las redes moviles, pero no se si usted puede ayudarme a que me funcionen las redes moviles, muchas grscias

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