One thought on “Santa Fe male decries Verizon cell cell phone tower

  1. Only about half of the energy of Eric Verlo, but certainly all of the crazy commitment.

    I'd explain to him how the distance from the antenna of a tower where microwave radiation becomes virtually harmless is mere feet, and I'd explain to him how living in closer proximity to a cell tower can make your own cellphone use less energy to transmit and therefore give you a smaller dose from the little device you put next to your head, but he seems to be convinced that Verizon is the devil with a wallet that needs to pay him. The simple math is that when you double your distance from a cellphone tower's antenna you get less radiation on a logarithmic scale. By the time your distance is "standing right below the antenna at the bottom of the tower" your exposure is more harmless than your own home's microwave oven.

    The DA rightly dismissed the cases because they were based on pseudoscience quackery.

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