If you are unfamiliar with the technology of reverse phone directories; They are databases of phone owner data that can be searched for by the phone number in question. Being able to locate phone data like this can be really useful when you need to know who called fast, but calling the number back is not an option. As the service grows in popularity, the service is used on a daily basis for a multitude of reasons.

One reason may be a mysterious number calling your significant other either too much, or at strange times like the middle of the night. Another reason may be you take down an important phone number and you forget to write down the name, or you think you will remember and you forget. While yet another reason may be you are trying to locate a lost loved one. Thats just a few, but I think you get the idea.

While the internet is a fantastic place to hunt down information, it has it's downfalls. It's so big that it's nearly impossible to monitor, which in turn opens up the doors for scammers and fraud, but it's not just the internet. We must also be aware of scammers calling or stopping by our house trying to manipulate us and our families out of our hard earned money. This is just another example of why it's good to have access to a tool that can help us correctly Identify these fraudsters.

Prank calls are really common for folks who use cell phones. This is because before reverse phone was introduced to the public, cellular phone lines were considered private info and were very hard to trace. If these harassing phone calls seem to trouble, frustrate, and irritate you, you can use a reverse phone directory to quickly identify the perpetrator. In the past, if you wanted to identify the origin of a cellular call one would have to hire a private investigator.

Below I've taken the liberty of providing links to the reverse phone directories that I have used personally and great results.

By Jerry Hall