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I purchased the Moto G4 from Amazon for $125. Its an Amazon Prime edition with ads on the lock screen to help pay for the decreased cost. I think this device is great! But are the ads too annoying?
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25 thoughts on “Moto G4 Prime Exclusive Edition | Best Budget Smartphone 2016 ?!

  1. I just picked up the Moto G4 Play with ads. I'm really looking forward to using it. I chose the lower end model because (1) I don't take many pictures, (2) I use my phone for basic tasks, no gaming, so the power of the Moto G wouldn't be utilized, and (3) I love phones with small displays, and today the smallest display you can find under the $400 Sony Xperia Zcompact is a 5.0 display. I also don't really care about being one android version behind current, my current phone has android 5.0.1

  2. I stopped watching the vid when you mentioned 5.5 inch screen. No thank you. I think that's unnecessary big ! Nice review though !

  3. Bought just after launch day. 32GB version with the ads for under $170 after taxes. Best deal out there. And super easy to remove amazon bloat and ads via computer + data cable. (Took less than 2 minutes as its all automated)

  4. If you don't need to do anything fancy with your smartphone, Moto g4 is pretty great. The lockscreen ads are slightly invasive but to me they aren't annoying. I've learned pretty quickly to ignore them and I don't even notice them now. If you have $125 and need a smart phone, this is a pretty good option

  5. Does it support "adoptable storage" (introduced in Android 6.0) where you can install apps directly on the micro SD instead of internal storage? I don't want to move them manually to the SD after it installs on the internal storage. Thanks. Good vid.

  6. I bought the prime version of the new BLU phone got it today, its actually decent and worth the $50 for a 3rd or so phone lol.

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