Hi this IPhone is already unlockedThis only takes about 5-10 minutes. ALSO THIS MODEL IS MC603ZP and someone told me that this is factory unlocked so if it doesn’t work it doesn’t work and you will have to wait for Hackers to get the unlock to work.


If you want to jailbreak your IPhone go here


I tried this fake unlock thing but I didn’t know it was fake until i saw a forum saying that.
I never got past step 3 because it showed an error network list cannot be loaded and gave up.


Step 4 needs to be entered in your IPhone



1. Preset your IPhone- (Found in second link)

WiFi = on
Go to settings-General-Network
Turn on the data roaming and cellular data
Location Services is off

2. Install SAM and SAM Pref in Cydia. Restart springboard.

3. Open SAM then let it run in the background ( Go out of the app and don’t quit it)

4. Go to www.unlockit.co.nz on your IPhone.

5. Click continue, custom APN, Choose your country and carrier and click create profile.

6. Insert your official IPhone SIM card and dial 112.

7. Go to settings-Carrier and turn of auto search, then it should pop up error network list. If not just keep going.

8. Go to Settings-General-Profile and remove the Custom APN.

9. Go back to Cydia and go to Manage -Sources -Bingner -SAM -Modify -Uninstall.

10. Remove your SIM card first and then restart your springboard.

11. It should pop up “Activate IPhone” and then you should insert back your SIM card and Voila!~ It unlocked!!!! xD That is how I got mine to unlock, If it didn’t work you can wait for the hackers to come up with the best solution that worked many times unlike mine, so please don’t complain if it didn’t work. You decided to follow these instructions in the first place and it is not my fault that you wasted your time. :] Thank-you for watching!


iPhone 4 –
Baseband 4.11.08
IOS 5.0.1
Carrier Fido (Canadian)
Model MC603ZP (Hong Kong Model)

20 thoughts on “MODEL MC603ZP **TRAIL** unlocked iPhone 4 IOS 5.0.1 Baseband 4.11.08 *Requires Jailbroken IPhone*

  1. MC603ZP= Factory Unlocked Phone
    That means it works with any sim without jailbreak or unlock .
    @Hamazah_Akram method is just useless. He thinks that he has a locked iphone his phone is Factory Unlocked but it seems he doesnt know what he is talking about .
    This Unlock is fake ,If you think you have locked iPhone try to activate with SAM then insert another sim if it pick up a signal that means your iPhone is Factory Unlocked .If you get Invalid sim or no service you are out of luck .

  2. @Piecakes204…how ucould be so sure, the steps provided is the exact same procedure u used for unlock.because u saying, luckily got unlock after your restarting Springboard.plz..its just a question

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