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  1. I have two unlimited lines and another just dumb line.. 275 a month lol thanks verizon for adding the extra 20 per line a month to unlimited lines still worth it

  2. I have a line on my account with unlimited data. It is grandfathered in. It has a Samsung Galaxy phone on it. It is my son's phone.I have read up and Verizon will not change anything if I get a MIFI and put the sim card in it. First, can my son put the card i the MIFI device when he needs internet and then put it back in phone and keep using the phone? Or does he need another line? If the answer to that is yes, what MIFI device is compatible to the card in the phone he has. Needs this for college. Thanks for your help!

  3. If i have a tmobile unlimited plan which itself only gives 7gb of 4g data, can i move the sim to a hotspot device and get unlimited 4g data for my home? Can tmobile do anything to stop me?

  4. Not all jets take Micro, the 6620 is nano. Check eBay to see all the listings on this. This is why UDP's on a phone are a complete waste of time and money. You can put that SIM in any VZW device and it will pull.

    Also just FYI, some consumer accounts will auto-suspend the line for device incompatibility if you SIM swap to a jet since UDP's are meant for use on phones.

  5. Hey just a quick question. Does this still work? Are you still using a grandfathered unlimited plan on this. Because I'm planning to also do this but with the newer jetpack the 6620L. Anything would be helpful. Thanks

  6. just got the Verizon jetpack4510L and installed the sim card from my phone, the green light comes on that it is receiving 4g, but I can not access it from my Ipad or my lap top. On my lap top it states other network, when I click on it it is asking for ssid name. I typed what was on the back of the jetpack, but does not work. According to the instructions the network should be able to see Verizon jetpack and the name of the device automatically without me having to type in any ssid name. Help?

  7. It is way better to use a wireless tether app n the connection is limeteless. I use wireless tether n connect up to 15 divices in my home n use like 80-90gb amothn. Verizon truly unlimited date on 4g :))

  8. Verizon will never throttle you as long as you are on their 4GLTE network. Even if you use one million gigs. However all grandfathered unlimited data customers are subject to throttling on their 3G network once you reach 2 gigabytes. But they will only throttle you if they are experiencing network congestion.

  9. Heads Up!!!
    This video is helpful but as the new MiFi comes out these kind of things are not gonna work anymore because they will make totally different sim cards that are only intended for the MiFi devices. I just wish I have grandfather in as well. Darn it. 

  10. Been there done that with the rooting. It is terribly inconvenient!

    First of all, if there is an update to the phone (in your case the MAXX), you have to unroot the phone, take the update and then wait until there is some scheme to root the phone based on the new update. Sometimes it's quick, other times it takes awhile. Ty is right, MiFi is much more stable. It is worth getting a MiFi device off ebay. I was lucky I got mine for $66, but I'd have spent up to $130 if I had to. Mifi rocks!

  11. I just wanted to say that I bought a new $66 ZTE 890L 4G Jetpack MIFI device (very similar to the Mifi in the video, except it's half the price and I bought it off of eBay.) Using the Verizon Unlimited Data network on my laptop provided by my device thanks to Ty William's video. (I now can use Unlimited Data the way it was intended…. :-) )

    Thank you Ty!! I can now retire my phone and give my Droid Charge to the wife. Will head over to the VZW store tomorrow during lunch and get her on 4G! 

  12. @Dpz4mex, thanks. At least now I can just switch her up to my Droid Charge (and with it all of the insurance, etc.) I'll get a new sim card from a VZW store after work.

  13. Cgarcia it is possible to upgrade from 3g to 4g and keep your unlimited data so long as you buy the device off contract, all you have to do is take it up Verizon and they provide a free SIM card. I got a grandfathered in around the same time as you and I bought a Droid Razr off craigslist and it worked out fine.

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