48 thoughts on “LG 306G Tracfone Cell Phone Review

  1. hey friend I apologize if I'm late but I want to buy this phone on eBay but I'm not sure of how my payments will be done. can I just buy a airtime card at the store or do I have to activate this one through Verizon or any other carrier? I would appreciate your help

  2. Awesome background music. I wanted to point out that the battery that comes with this phone is the same as for the LG Lucky. I had bought the Lucky at Best Buy several Months ago on sale for thirty dollars. A month went by before I opened it and then I discovered it was missing the battery and back cover. Some employee of Best Buy must have stolen it. Well, to buy the battery alone was going to cost over $20. I was so mad, I just went without a phone for a few more months. Then Kroger had this phone on sale for $5 but also the Lucky on sale for $10. On impulse I bought both and it turned out the battery is the exact same for both.
    Well as it turns out, the Lucky and all the Android phones will only work with the monthly plan and won't do minute by minute. That's fine if you use the phone a lot, but I don't. I might go a whole month without a single text or phone call. But I did want a phone that could use my wifi. So as it turned out, the $5 phone is more what I needed and the Lucky is just something I'll use around the house for the wifi.

    I will probably never use the two LG Lucky phones as phones, except maybe using skype or Google voice over the wifi.
    That said, I wonder what all I could do with them. I can probably make some stereo goggles out of them for use with welding or using laser cutters or watching 3d movies. I know from reading the comments that the LG 306G has a qwerty keyboard, but I wonder if I can use one of the Lucky phones as a bluetooth keyboard for the 306G.

  3. I bought this from Trac-Fone for twenty bucks. All I want to do is make phone calls with it. That's the only thing you didn't show in your video? In many reviews that I read, people were complaining the the screen goes black when they are making a call and a host of other problems .This is more like an unpacking that it is a review. How is it to make and receive calls? Turn on and off? etc. Where is the review on making PHONE calls. It's a PHONE for crissake

  4. man your reviews are top notch for Tracfone reviews def subbing. my mom had a lg similar to this that she got wet one too many times in recommending this as she says she's too old to learn how to work a smartphone ha ha(65 and she's done with learning smh) many thanks!

  5. great little phone. I like the photo editing on it, the ring selections, the notepad, the audio and digital recorder. Takes half decent photos. I did have problems sometimes answering calls………I've never really mastered the "slide" to answer calls.

  6. I had  a great signal and service with my flip phone…… I have the LG 306G now and cannot get the strong  signal on this model…… what would be the phone next level up and would that fix my signal problem ?

  7. I cannot receive incoming calls. Phone does not ring nor does screen indicate an incoming call. I can make out going calls so I know it is activated. I can not find the screen to see if any numbers are blocked. Airplane mode is off.

  8. Nice Informative Video! I don't have a Smartphone, I have been using this one before I get one and it is an OK phone for the money, however, you need a good case because it is too slippery to use without a case! Hey, anyone know if this phone can used with UBER? I tried to download the Uber APP and it is not recognizing this phone. Uber says they use the GPS function on SmartPhones, I dont think this phone can handle GPS, which may be the problem. Has Anyone Got UBER to work on this Phone, I need help getting Uber to work. Thanks !

  9. Does this phone have a quick memo to draw pictures on the screen ?Can not find where to access Quick Memo , and I am positive I was there once. Even drew a picture. Now I can not find it .    Thanks

  10. Hello sir! I have the LG305C model (straight talk) and was wondering if It could be switched to a safelink tracfone? Called safelink and gave them the serial # n they said its a straight talk. The phone hasnt been activated yet; it was bought for $35 from a walmart. Any help would be greatly appreciated, ty!

  11. I was sent this model when Tracfone informed me that due to a upcoming network change, my old phone would no longer work. A major problem for me is it not working with MMS Texts that my job uses, or the browser unable to connect, unless via Wi-Fi. I've been on the phone with them twice, had three extended technical chat sessions, and even installed a new SIM they sent me. Still won't work. They always say, turn it back on in fifteen minutes, and it will work -Not! Getting ready to bite the bullet, and go smartphone, with a major carrier, even though it won't be used a lot. Any ideas? Another minor negative is the LG306 G's tendency to butt dial a recently sent number. I like that my PC recognizes the phone as a mass storage device, so easy uploads. Help!

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