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In this video I assessment the two Freedompop’s Cost-free mobile telephone provider and the Sprint Galaxy S3 that we use it on. Examine it out!

Below is a list of gadgets that will activate on Freedompop and can be purchased from them specifically: https://community ranges

40 thoughts on “July 2014 Cost-free Cell Approach UPDATE – Freedompop – Galaxy S3 assessment

  1. Hey bro just wanted to are you still using freedom pop as of 2016 the service been great for me as well no issue what so ever I am always on WIFI and used another VOIP calling app such as Magic Jack and Textfree which both works great with freedom pop data on the one free gig each month

  2. Hey does this version have a glass screen? There seem to be two versions of the S3, this one having a different dual core processor while others have a quad. I had an S2 with sprint, and it was a cheaper version too with a plastic screen. Thanks!

  3. Thank you,Matt.  I appreciate your taking the time to share this information on your quality experience with the FP phone service.  I've been using their internet service for a few weeks now and am pleased so far.  Am considering switching to their voice service and was glad to have found your review.  It was very helpful.  Thanks again.

  4. When you took the back cover off. I noticed that there is no SIM Card. Does this mean that you can not use this phone with any other service. It seem like a nice phone but a scam from freedompop. So if you do not like the freedompop service, you know have a $200 paper weight?

  5. So if you get the freedom pop phone do you need the freedom pop hotspot? How do you tell if it Is available in your area? If you bring your own phone and activate it then do you need the hotspot? Do you know if Droid work?

  6. What I do to avoid going over the free plan is that by using Google Voice or now known as hangout to make and reviece calls and text for free while I am on WIFI at home or school 

  7. Can I use the FreedomPop phone just as a phone when driving in the car and not use data or will I have to keep the phone turned off until I am somewhere that has free wifi?  I'd like to save data for when I really need it.  How do I turn data off?

    Or perhaps a better question is, "Does the phone use data while I'm driving but not using the phone"?  Sorry I'm an elderly person and not savvy on new technology.  This is my first smart phone, Samsung Galaxy SIII.  Prior phone was a pay-as-you-go flip phone.  Many Thanks for advise

  8. It's the basic 0 dollars a month really OK? Or is it better to buy phones from them the pay twenty dollars a month for unlimited? I'm on tracfone now only use my cell voice when away from wifi messaging really not often. Do fp minutes transfer month to month? It all sounds too good to be true. Please let me know. 

  9. What happens if sprint buys freedompop? Am thinking the prices will go up.. As far as phones new egg is the place to go for cheap phones and no activation fee. I got my S3 for $159 off ebay/newegg seller. 

  10. Do they sell your personal info the terms of service(something like that) says they'll use your personal info and sell it to third parties and you can't opt out of all of these(only individual opt outs no way to opt out of all) this makes me very nervous pls elaborate further as you've had the service for while.

  11. IN ADDITION:  You can install GrooveIP which provides free VOIP & number through that can be used on Wifi (and 3g/4g) but when accessing wifi it won't count against mobile data, mobile minutes.  Just make sure to have wifi credentials setup for usual locations (home, work, friends, family & school if provided/allowed).  Then mobile service is the 'backup' service and never becomes an issue.

    Even when traveling, I activate the HOTSPOT on my T-Mobile phone and have my kids wifi off it because I have a large data plan and it is cheaper to use it than to exceed FP overages ($0.02 per MB / $20 per GB).

    FP also provides $7.99 and $10.99 plans which provide various unlimited Text and Unlimited Talk/Text if you kids are text fanatics and the free 500 texts won't cut it.

    But again, using data sms through google voice, hangouts, the grooveip etc can transfer the low bandwidth sms/txt messages so they don't count 1 for 1.  Remember 1 MB is equivalent to nearly 1,000,000 text characters (actual amount will be less due to data overhead but will still be a big number).

  12. +Matt Knollman you can use stock dialer on freedompop 
    there is an option to integrate it to freedompop usually its already enabled 
    but the stock messaging app can't be used there is no option to integrate it with freedompop messaging 
    so stock dialer yes 
    stock messaging app no 

  13. if you download the textnow app, you can get unlimited text and unlimited free incoming calls.  you can buy or watch ads for minutes to make calls.  the call quality is pretty good.  i'm thinking of purchasing a samsung galaxy s4 and using freedompop for free data and textnow could be a good workaround for the call quality and unlimited texts.

  14. I did that when I bought the phone and I got a new number (Freedom Pop). When I tried to call the phone number that Freedom Pop gave me it won't ring. Also I get a weird message when I try to make a call. Thanks.

  15. Matt, I bought a Galaxy S2 recently after viewing your video of the S2 and Freedom Pop. It was bought it on ebay which was a great deal. I got a Freedom Pop phone number but I can't get it to work. My phone has a number from Sprint that I can view in the specifications so how do I change it so it will recognize my freedom pop number?

  16. Does it work better then those free calling apps for example if your in the grocery store & you want to make a voice call will it still work?

  17. Matt, do you know of a way to send texts to multiple recipients using the FreedomPop app?  Or is there another messaging app that will allow texts to multiple recipients that will work with the FreedomPop phone?  Thanks in advance.

  18. I have a galaxy s3 sprint and I want freedom service… Could I possibly get a prepaid visa gift card from a store and just use that to register my phone? (for the $19.99 activation fee) and how do I make sure that it won't auto add more data or minutes when I use mine up? 

  19. How is the battery life on the device with the freedompop call and messaging app? I've heard that the app really drains the battery, please let me know. Thank you

  20. I'm trying to activate my s4 on freedompop but I'm having difficulty its with sprint but it asked for a iccid and I was wondering if u can do an update video on activating your phone with them that would help me a lot or shoot me an email to help me any assistance is much appreciated thanks in advanced 

  21. Hey did u get ur msl in ur email when u activated it? Because it said I will get it in email but I never got it I would really appreciate the help 

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