Okay, so this Iphone was unlocked to operate with T-Mobile. It was functioning fine for a handful of months till 1 day it stopped. Now everytime I transform it on I see ‘No SIM card installed’ – insert a legitimate SIM with no PIN lock to activate Iphone. What can I do to correct this challenge? Remember to aid me out if you know how to clear up this challenge.

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  1. thank you ,,, thank you ,,, thank you .. its all i can say… i have been looking for this answers for so long.. i tried all the tutorials out there and non of them work..until i saw the answers

  2. There could be many reasons for this problem.. With a little research I found that occasionally the sim try as well as the pins for the sim try inside the iPhone could be the problem! One suggestion is: push quite hard on your sim tray!!!!! If your message goes away you know that it is the try or those pins! Since it could be a variety of try issues you have to research and try out some! You can try to tape ONLY THE FRONT OF THE SIM DOWN INTO THE TRAY… but you would have to be very carefu

  3. @uranusoon
    u can jaolbreak it and unlock it again but first you have to restore it.it will get you out of lock mode and be like a regualar iphone,thats what i did to mine,as in the one that i found it had a lock and i restored it and jailbroke it and now it works fine.,it will fix that problem,jailbreak it with redsnow

  4. @thijmos wrong idiot it will just show the same thing what you really have to do is buy an att sim card put it in the phone and plug it in to itunes!

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