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No Matter the Carrier or Network of the iPhone 6 the steps are completely the same. In 3 simple steps you can have the ability to use your iPhone on ANY network ANYWHERE in the World.

1:Insert the new sim card in your phone. (make sure it says “sim not supported”)

2: Open iTunes and connect iPhone 7 Plus to your computer. (You must have internet) to Complete the setup process

3: Once you sign in with your Apple ID it will say your iPhone is now factory unlocked!

Once completed your phone is PERMANENTLY UNLOCKED

Don’t have another SIM card OR not gettting “SIM Not Supported”?

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SIM card not the right size? The Fix:

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  1. Hi, i just bought an iphone 7 from someone online and now i can't activate it because the precious owner still has to pay the remaining balance on it. I can't get the seller to comply or respond to me, what do i do?

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