5 thoughts on “How to save money for T-mobile Family plan

  1. There's no point in paying for something you no longer have because it's broken or because you lost it or it got stolen. So why invest your money into something you don't have? If that's not a waste of money then I don't know what is. In my opinion the insurance is only good till you have half of the phone paid off. You can always take off the insurance at any time, but you can only apply the insurance when signing for the phone. I would take his advice with a grain of salt. You would have to be some type of special to put something on installments of $600-$750 value without insuring it. Accidents happen, but if you want to pay a MRC of $25-$28 on a phone you don't have anymore then have at it.

  2. Awesome video, thanks for sharing. I appreciate how thoroughly you go through the numbers and show all the steps. I like doing the math but it is nice to see it on paper so concisely.

  3. is it unlimited data for all 4 lines its just gets slower after you use your 4G Lte Data please answer i been trying to find an answer for a long time

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