UPDATE- AS OF eleven/16, Most effective Get Process NO Extended Works!
I WILL Keep AN EYE OUT FOR A NEW Process AND UPDATE Everybody In this article OR MAKE Updated Video.

Verizon doesn’t want to be the lousy person and fully get rid of its outdated endless details options, so it really is pursuing a new tactic: selling price shoppers out of them. Verizon will shortly elevate the regular price tag of grandfathered endless details options by an added $twenty per line to $49.99. The new charge will utilize on November fifteen.

Observe that this improve only impacts shoppers who are out of deal if you might be signed to an present two-12 months arrangement, you are going to retain your existing charge for the term of that deal. At the time you go thirty day period-to-thirty day period, the $49.99 details charge normally takes result. Verizon also suggests that authorities and company accounts will not be bundled in the selling price hike.

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Disclaimer- I’m no way responsible if any individual loses endless details. If you abide by the instructions, it’s going to all work. Once again, I am NOT responsible.


30 thoughts on “How to Improve on Verizon Grandfathered Endless Data and Keep the $29.99 Month to month Price!

  1. hey, I got a 3g 5 spot wifi air card unlimited grandfathered account. will this work on it? I'd like to upgrade it to a 4g wifi card without losing my unlimited. I use it for all my roku's for all my tv stuff. they say in Verizon stores if I upgrade to 4g I'll lose it but 3g is almost obsolete atleast for the one I got. what do I do man. need help

  2. I have a basic phone and am able for an upgrade, i want an iphone with unlimited data. what do you get from the upgrade? Is there discounts on the next phone you buy?

  3. hey Paul nice video I did the opposite of what u said cause bought my s7 in the store for full retail price at bb about a month ago turned it on added my old sim but everything works fine not getting charged more had my full unlimited plan for 1yr 1/2 and it's still 137 I will be looking forward to your nxt video thanx

  4. Hey Paul
    Sorry to bother you again but my single line with verizon Unltd data contract ends Apr 2017 how can I extend contract date for another 2 Yrs and still able to keep Unltd data so my costs will remain only at $30 rather than $50 which I don't wish to pay after Apr 2017 when my contract expires ???? Any suggestions or thoughts I'd appreciate
    Thank you

  5. Great video Paul
    Thank you for your ideas
    Question I've verizon Unltd data in contract till Apr 2017 I'm paying only $29.99 ( love it)
    New phones costs too much money
    Any thoughts if I can upgrade phone at discount price & still keep my Unltd data and without buying phone on a installment monthly plan ???
    Thank you much
    I'm using iPhone 6 Plus had to buy from Apple full retail price ( v. Exp)
    N. C. M.

  6. Thanks for the vid. So I have a shared family plan with 2 lines. My line being the Unlimited Data plan. The other line is a tiered Moto X-a year old. If the tiered line is eligible for an upgrade, can I order a new phone on that line AND keep the existing phone on that line when the new phone arrives? (User still needs the phone) And just place the current tiered phone sim card in the new phone when it arrives, take it out, put my sim card in (Unlimited) in the new phone and then put the original tiered phone's sim card back in the original tiered phone so that the user can continue to use the original tiered phone? Or will the original tiered phone no longer work with the arrival and activation of the new tiered phone? Hope you understand my questions. Thanks in advance!

  7. Hey Paul awesome video. I have 5 UDPs on my account all under contract! Proud to be part of the "less than 1%" kinda getting tired of the constant looking over my shoulder for the next shady trick verizon will pull on us savvy data warriors. Any ideas on how to get past the next contract end date and avoid the dreaded $20 increase? Thanks again for taking the time to help us all out.

  8. I was told for the longest time I had to buy my phone out right from Verizon in order to keep my plan. l had the iPhone 4 which doesn't use a sim card. So I bought my note 4 online from someone. So when I went to activate it they told me the billing cycle the 20$ goes into effect . they also told me their policy had change with upgrading with people who had unlimited data could do it with out paying all the $$ up front. I really didn't care even though they tried to sell one note 5. I said I needed the 128 sd in the note 4. So needless to say since changing from iPhone 4 (3g) average less then a gig that phone was slow to note 4 (4G LTE) I NEVER use less 600gb of data a month trust me I download everything so my friends don't have to.

  9. So this means I dont have to pay full price for a new phone correct? That's how they are getting me. I cant upgrade to a new phone at a discounted price.

  10. If you buy a used phone, will your process also work? (eg – don't turn on the phone when it arrives, put the old SIM into the new (used) phone, and move on with your life)…

  11. thanks for the video I have a question. I have an old samsung s3 and I am getting a samsung s6. the sim card is a different size. so I need to get a new nano sim? and how do I actvate with my information

  12. Is it just possible to buy a new iPhone from Apple at full price, without a contract? Then just use your unlimited data SIMcard? Or even buy a used, unlocked iPhone from say Craigslist

  13. hey paul, i have a unlimited data with 1400 , i just spoke to a agent at verizonandthey say i canstill keep my unlimited data , with subsidizing a new phone, should i do this?

  14. Bad news I just tried this and it looks like it no longer works. I ordered an upgrade from Bestbuy.com and clicked the keep existing plan even though I got the warning that the unlimited plan was no longer available. Checked my account about 3 days later before I ever tried to activate the new phone and my unlimited data had been switched to a 2gb plan..Needless to say I am pissed, going to call VZW tomorrow to see if there is anything I can do about it. ..Beware I think they finally caught on!!!!!

  15. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! Followed your instructions to a T…was a smidge bit nervous, but….I STILL HAVE UNLIMITED AFTER UPGRADING!!!! IT WORKED!!! (Even opted out of the Sim Cutter and cut my own…woo hoo!!!) Thanks again for the awesome video!!

  16. Great video, I tried the Verizon method and it looks like they updated their website so that I can no longer do this. The Best Buy Method – will it work if you have family plan or do you need to have a single line plan for it work? Thanks!

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