Business owners are tired of paying for cell phone service year round when their business needs vary.  They are frustrated when they have to sign a long-term contract for mobile phones that may be intermittently in use. Business owners are looking for solutions for their changing needs depending on the time of year, weather or the economy. There is no need to sign a cell phone service contract in order to have cell phone plans.

The solution to save money is simple.  Go to and use a cell phone plan from Sprint, AT&T, Alltel, Unicel, or Verizon. There are no activation fees, no start up fees and no termination fees of any kind. Customers can change their cell phone plan, change their wireless provider, or change their mind with no activation fees, no termination fees and no suspension fees, ever.  These plans are not prepaid cell phone plans but rather the same plans available from major wireless providers with a contract.

Small or large businesses are charged the same usage rates as they would pay the provider directly for service. There is never an obligation to continue service or sign a cell phone contract and customers can stop or start one or all of their wireless lines at anytime with no penalties and no early termination fees.


Compare this to signing a contract with a service provider with a guarantee your company will be charged for monthly service regardless if the cell phone is in use.  To terminate the contract, cell phone companies will charge an early termination fee per line.

For more information about wireless plan options, you can visit their website at

By Zorbathegeek