Ways how to take care of Backup Assistant mistakes like Invalid pin, sync mistake, not able to sync mistake or mistake codes 313, 216, 202, 308, 305, twenty five, 5 or any other rationale where you are not able to sync your contacts.

Push Menu –
then Configurations
then Applications or Control Applications
Scroll to ALL –
Scroll down to B for Backup Assistant. You may perhaps discover 1 or far more and you till do the exact same techniques for all of the applications that have the Backup Assistant name in them.

Push Clear Cache then Clear Info and Alright and then Force Quit and Alright.

The moment you apparent all applications that have the name Backup Assistant then you will scroll down to S for Sync Support or some more mature phones may perhaps say Sync Consumer. But it has to have the Backup Assistant or Cloud logo.

Then do the exact same Clear Cache – Clear Info and Alright and then Force Quit and Alright.

The moment you push the residence critical you can run Backup Assistant all over again possibly by going into the Applications or preferrably go to contacts and then Menu and Backup or Backup Assistant.

If this does not take care of the situation then you will have to phone your service provider and feasible problems ticket but most of the time this ought to take care of ninety eight% of the time. The two % of the time that it wont perform is when you pressed the alternative for new consumer and designed a new profile.

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20 thoughts on “How To Correct Verizon Backup Assistant Error on Android Phone Invalid Pin or Glitches Synching Contacts

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  2. Still works. HTC One M7 in my case. The backup had not successfully completed in over two months. My wife started getting the same thing this week. With her phone, I had to restart it before it would connect to the server and back up. (Kept getting a error connecting to the server.) Mine worked without restarting.

  3. if you are getting a network error even after doing this connect to verizons internet not wifi and it should work. i just did for me (samsung legend)

  4. thank you soooooo much.   Verizon helpless support couldnt fix my PIN sync error and re issued two pins to no effect.   You would think that they could find the solution that you shared.  I am re synced and good to go !  Cheers 

  5. Thank you. I was having a TON of issues with my Backup Assistant, kept getting the Error Code 10. You should put that as a tag. Their website was worthless. Thanks again!

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