The mobile phone industry is probably one of the most versatile industries in modern industrial history. Since its quiet entry in the communications arena roughly over thirty decades ago, the humble cell phone has transformed into a completely new gadget. With the development of the phone, service and network providers too have avidly tried to keep up with the pace. The solutions which are now available to capture prospective customers, continue to change as a new era evolves in the industry. The future may exist on a wavelength which solely comprises of prepaid mobile phone plans.

For the longest time the established cell service providers would try and tie you into a long contract. The reasoning and logic behind this was to empower them with the ability to give you the latest in cutting edge phones with steep discounts. Whilst they maintain that they purchase these phones from the manufacturers – such as Motorola – at a competitive rate, they still needed to charge you -or amortize- a certain amount each month to at least break even on their cost for the phone.

Being a market-based economy, consumer’s demands for the latest and most updated in technology being available under flexible conditions now takes the industry in the direction of “no contracts” options. Providers of cell services are becoming increasingly keen on giving consumers as much as they can with fewer restrictions. Prepaid mobile phone plans give you the luxury of getting the best of cell phone connectivity without having to restrict yourself to a lengthy contract.

Consumers shy away from signing a contract of up to two years in duration as they simply don’t know where they will be or what they will be doing towards the end of that period. The roller coaster ride that has been our economy over the last year or so has really done a number on people’s psyche. They are very worried about committing to something involving a contract of any kind and hence prepaid mobile phone plans are becoming more and more commonplace.

The benefit of a prepaid mobile phone plans is that you are absolutely sure about your financial standing on a monthly basis. The most novel plans offer full flexibility, absolutely no restrictions on data transfer or calling and of course the trendiest features and applications.

Prepaid mobile phone plans are not just for those who do not wish to undergo a credit check, or who have less than perfect credit. In the past if you had these problems you were quite restricted. Only certain types of phone and certain plans were available to you if you prepaid. Now, however you can get access to the coolest phones, the best download speeds and transfer rates and everything that the smart phone of today can give you.

By Daniel Stouffer