“I don’t get it.. I’m attractive, bright, Smart, tender, sensitive and accomplished. How come he or she never want me? Why can’t I find love?”

How many times have you take your frustration out on your pillow and beat your fists on the pillow asking yourself this same question about your dating life?

An adult male and an adult female getting to know one another is like two small animals sniffing one another out. We do not have tails that wag or hair that bristles, but we do have eyes that narrow or widen. We have hands that flash knuckles or subconsciously soften in the palms-up “I submit” position.

There are 12s of additional “involuntary” responses that happen in the first few seconds or minutes of interaction. The great news is that we can learn to control these presumed involuntary responses. The instant you set eyes on one another, your Potential Love Partner subconsciously reads the shades of your body language.

In these first all important moments, he or she can unconsciously resolve to go for romantic takeoff or abort sentiments of love. His or her brain then becomes computer-like, and your Potential love partner continues to make speedy decisions about you during your 1st conversation, your 1st date.

The ability to make anyone laugh and fall in love relationship with us is inside each of us. The only person who can help you make fall in love is yourself, your attitude and your approach toward dating and relationship.

Lets Unlocked The secrets Of making People To Fall In Love With You!

– Falling in love and starting a relationship is both a mental and a physical process. Mentally you must be strong and feel great about your self and Physically you should have energetic attitude toward love relationship and your potential dating partner.

– Always Make a good First impression. Making a great first impression is crucial for building great human relationship with other people, whether its business or dating some one you love. So how to make a great first impression. the best tips are to be your self and be at ease, have a smile on your face, be confident and positive.

– Try to have a good Conversation. So if you find a person attractive simply go up to that person and just start a conversation. If you don’t know what to talk about then find something around you. If you want to initiate a good everlasting conversation just relax yourself, dont be nervous, talk sweet.

You can start conversation with common daily topics or ask the person hobbies to generate the conversation from that. Talk to him / her a lot! And then in return that person will talk to you to a greater extent too. You both could get into great conversations, and get to each other. *smile*

– When you are talking with your potential love partner always make a eye contact. Never lose an Eye Contact. It is a great way of indicating that you are interested in the person, if there is no eye contact at all the person would believe you are either bored of him / her or you do not like him / her. And in Some cases if the person try to make an eye contact with you never look away.

– Sometime When your are in the middle of conversation with your potential love partner and you just can’t wait to kiss him / her…..DON’T WAIT…just do it right then and there in the middle of him / her talking. it’s really cute and it makes that person want more!!!

– Try to avoid those awkward silence moments. If you cant keep up with the conversation, give it couple of more tries. Silence is okay. But if it’s awkward silence then it’s not. If the conversation flows / streams smoothly like a streaming audio song on a 1 mbps broadband, you both listen and respond to each other and what you each say. You’re just an cm away from a great relationship.

– When you make Compliments about the person you want to fall in love with you, it is guaranteed that he / she will find himself thinking about you and your conversation. Guys or Girls Every one love compliments.

If you compliment a guy, compliment his MUSCLES. guys love being strong and in this way you let him know your sweet and care about other people other than yourself.

And about girls, Always give her compliments on what she is wearing, her hair and how she looks overall, how beautiful her skin and face is. Once you find her red-faced that’s where you put in a positive impression on her.

Just because you know someone doesn’t mean you love them, and just because you don’t know people doesn’t mean you can’t love them. Falling in Love is a matter of mutual affection and understanding between the two people involved, Anyone in any corner of the world can fall in love with anyone else. Successful relationship involves mutual understanding and mutual interests.

By Kamran Minhas