Unlocked smartphones are something that many people are looking into because they want a new phone that they can use with the service provider of their choice. If you want to buy a used smartphone you want to be sure that it is unlocked, otherwise it can be of no use to you. Luckily you can buy unlocked mobile phones at your local electronics retailer. There are many individuals that sell cell phones online and when the buyers receive them they find that the cell phone is locked. If you get a good deal on the cell phone you need not worry about it, because most cell phones can be unlocked with a simple code that is associated with the serial number on your phone.

The reason that many of us do not buy unlocked cell phones is because we buy them through a mobile service provider. When you buy the phone through a provider you are buying it with their operating system installed. When the operating system is installed you will find that the service provider wants to keep you locked into their service by not allowing you to go anywhere else. Most of us consider cell phones somewhat disposable, but when you buy smartphones they are usually an investment and not something that you want to get rid of just because you are going with a new provider.

The fact is if you buy cell phones directly from an electronics retailer and the phone is not associated with any deal, you will be buying unlocked cell phones. The reason for this is that the cell phone has yet to be linked to any one service provider. It is important to note that just because you buy unlocked mobile cell phones that it does not mean that your cell phone will remain unlocked. When you sign a contract with many service providers they can actually lock your phone. This can cause trouble for you if you plan to travel internationally and would like to buy prepaid SIM cards. Luckily, even if your cell phone provider does lock your cell phone, you can buy unlock codes that will allow you to go with a new provider, or allow you to use those handy prepaid SIM cards.

SmartPhones are a great investment and will allow you to do more than make phone calls. When purchasing your phones you should know whether they are locked or unlocked and when you find a service provider you should inquire about whether they will lock your phone. An unlocked phone gives you a lot more options, so if possible you should keep your phone unlocked.

By Caitlina Fuller