For those people who love their cat and are worried about their home security while they are away there is now a new technology on the horizon, which enables a cell phone with video feature and Internet wireless links to view exactly what is going on in the home .

Your home is hooked up with motion detectors as part of the security system and IP cameras if one of the cameras pick something up it will either dial your cell phone or record it and you could watch it on your cell phone later. If you are a parent who works late and your children come home from school then when they come to the house and open the door the camera will take a picture of them and ring your cell phone with a video and you will know they are safe.

Some property management companies can set up their business properties with water and heat sensors also and if there is a flood event or fire, it will alert them immediately so that things can be taking care of right away to prevent further damage. Right now, the cell phone bandwidth for video is limited and the resolution is not so good. But, the video captured by the IP camera is good and later you can look at the full resolution of the video when you get home.

The important thing with this new technology is you'll know exactly what is going on as it happens in real time. Security professionals like this new technology and consumers rate these features at the top tier of the technology survey scale for usefulness. So, please consider all this in 2006

By Lance Winslow