The finish of two-year cellular phone contracts? Not so rapid, says Dash. In the meantime, Google now sells a router to remedy Wi-Fi woes.

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24 thoughts on “CNET Update – Dash says it may hold two-year contracts right after all

  1. if sprint ditches 2 year contracts/subsidies, ill definitely be a tmobile customer. what sprint is doing is sending out a "feeler" . if people make a big stink about it, they wont do it. please sprint, dont do it

  2. I dont need a new phone every year. I honestly dont feel the need to change my current gs4. So if i do get a new phone, i dont wanna pay 600dollars for them. I will happily pay 199 or cheaper and use them until they break.

  3. well i have a pre-paid phone service. i use Walmart's Net 10. i pay exacly $30 every month and its unlimited everything. 4G LTE and guess on what phone. on a iPhone 6plus O= (;

  4. this is why i have an S3.  Im not paying premium price for a S6 or note or Iphone 6 just because its the new hottest thing.. Imma wait it out and get the phone for way less.

  5. I really hate how you have to turn in the phone after the lease. I have like a year left in my contract and I have to turn my phone in or pay like $150 to keep it

  6. If sprint bases its leases on personal credit like they do know then its a bad idea. I know a few people who couldn't lease iphones because they had bad credit.

  7. When I "bought" my new phone it took twenty minutes and two Sprint employees to understand that I was paying full price, and I wouldn't be under a contract? One employee said I was the first person, since shes been working there, that has ever paid full price?

  8. Verizon = Bad company, excellent service.
    T-Mobile = Good company, bad service.
    AT&T = Bad company, good service.
    Sprint = Bad company, bad service.

    Why would you ever get Sprint?

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