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50 thoughts on “Best Cell Phone Plans! | May 2016

  1. so I pay $67 a month (tax included) on 2gb of data unlimited talk and text from verizon's loyalty plan. Can I do better? or is this decent?

  2. Check out They are the cheapest and BEST plan ive ever seen so far!! $11 a month for 3 months of unlimited talk, text, and 2 gigs of data. If you want 5 gigs of data you pay 16 dollars per month. And if you want 10 gigs of data you pay $20 per month. all with unlimited call and text.

  3. Their is another company it has unlimited data,text,talk for $23.00 a month which is works with t mobile and is not listed in the sheet

  4. Have you done a review for AT&T or Sprint prepaid plans yet or are you not planning on doing those? I have some interest in both but do not want to do anything yet until I see a good review.

  5. What about plans that offer free service when used via wifi? I don't need to call and text much while I'm out and about, and my house usually gets bad reception anyway, so I'd like a service where I can use the same number to call and text with over wifi as with cellular data. Might package that with a pure data plan (maybe 4gb/mo) for a mobile hotspot so I can use my phone and laptop anywhere and not have to pay much.

  6. great review. Would love to see your review on which carriers offer the best deal on adding a smartwatch that uses LTE for making and taking calls such as the Samsung Gear S3. Which plans offer the cheapest addition of the Smartwatch, and which carriers offer an individual independent plan at a decent rate.

  7. I have At&t unlimited talk and text plus 1 gb data for $30. What they didn't tell me is that they charge an extra $20 for smartphone access. So my monthly service is $50. Ridiculous! Cricket seems to be straight up. $30 is just that no hidden charges. Moving over to them. Good video.

  8. Which country is this?? So expensive dude. Here in Brazil I pay about 15 us dollars a month for a 10GB hotspot allowed plan, it also has 600 minutes a month to talk, unlimited text messages and free Deezer (spotify like) that does not count as data usage, the text and talk is pretty much useless but are there. The carries is called "Tim" and from time to time a prome shows up and for 3 months I get 20GB of internet and 2000 minutes of talk plus the other things for the exact same price, and before watching your video I thought that was expensive! Wow!

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