In this video I go over the best cell phone plans for Apple’s new iPhone X. These plans can save you up to $1,200! Check it out!

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32 thoughts on “Best Cell Phone Plans for iPhone X!

  1. This video would have more substance if he weren’t naming carriers with horrible service. Who leaves Verizon to go to any of these low budget carriers. There is a reason Verizon unlimited is $75 vs Cricket at $30. You get what you pay for. You can’t want a Ferrari but want to pay the price of a Honda. Verizon also offers a discount with almost EVERY company. I just typed this comment on the iPhone X with the Verizon unlimited plan that I get a military discount on. Just saying.

  2. Verizon has an mnvo called ROK Mobile and it’s only 50$ for unlimited data. I’m not sure if they cap their speeds, but it looks good. Only 50$ to get unlimited on Verizon. That’s unheard of.

  3. You mentioned $60 a month for 3 gigs on AT&T with financing. It's also worth noting that the AT&T Unlimited Choice plan is only $65 for unlimited data so $5 extra for unlimited. Definitely a better value.

    Source: I work for AT&T

  4. I don't see the point of upgrading, even the IPhone X doesn't have 600mhz capabilities. T-Mobile covers my area better than any other network, sure 600mhz isn't in my area now but it will be in the future that's too much investment for a device that's obsolete before release.

  5. If you are planning on buying the new iPhone fully up front to save on the surcharges, you better be paying with cash. If you are planning to use your credit card, which many people do, don’t forget to add the interest charges you will incur. Most carrier options to finance are interest free, make sure you know the small details of the route you are choosing to take. There is NO point in taking the ‘pay up front but with credit’ option if your monthly interest charge is higher than the $20 “line access charge.” FYI there is a pretty good chance that the $20 line access charge these carriers are charging is a finance charge from the bank you indirectly borrowed from.

  6. Fuck I'm jealous you guys in the US have unlimited data for so cheap while our most expensive plans usually only have around 15gb. There is no unlimited data in Canada

  7. WAIT I @M CONFUSED!!!!!
    IF I GET FINANCE VERIZON I PAY $41 iphone X plus $55 plan CORRECT!!! TOTAL $96 dollar per month……or I ONLY PAY $55 per month TO VERIZON!!…..@ND GET THE IPHONE X @LMOST FREE!!!

  8. Mintsim looks amazing but I'm scared to try them out since they run on T-Mobile. Been with Tmo for years and for the past two months my apartment has become a dead zone and they cant explain why. For now I switched to AT&T and the service has been phenomenal. No more sudden voicemails or late texts. ETA: I've tried EVERYTHING possible but I'm happy with AT&T so I don't need to try anything else. Thanks.

    Ps Love your channel! Keep it up.

  9. Freedompop also has a sweet deal with iPhone X and any iPhones right now. Free Phone service with your $1000 device. And I came across this guy on YouTube who subbed to my channel because he now using TextNow Wireless with his Samsung Galaxy S8+! Which is like a $700 phone. But everyone is different tho. So money is money. Plans are plans. Other than that mint sim deal. TextNow on Sprint and T-Mobile both have 3GB of LTE for $27.99 plus 2g unlimited data. Keep this in mind too guys. No one is mentioning 2g unlimited which is still good for video calls and gifs and stickers. If you care for music streaming. I suggest to have an Android device. Which most have FM radio chip activated. So your music free! Also SD cards or having Google Play Music app is a must too. You can add in your own music. Use Google Drive to stream your movies. Best tips

  10. You seriously do the best cell phone plan reviews. I bought my iPhone 8 + outright and switched from GoPhone to MintSim and have been LOVING it. So cheap!! I've been telling everyone I know.

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