Samsung Galaxy Centura
The Samsung Galaxy Centura is the first ever Android phone available for Tracfone service. The Centura includes Triple Minutes for life but also gives you the added bonus of three separate balances; minutes, texts and data. Each time you add minutes to your Centura you will receive triple the amount of minutes along with texts and data. 600 Minutes and 600 Texts and 600 MB of Data included (minutes, texts and data already tripled). The Centura has a 3.5″ touchscreen, 3MP Camera with video, bluetooth, access to the Google Play store, Wi-Fi, GPS, and much more. THIS PHONE IS FOR USE WITH TRACFONE SERVICE ONLY!

Features :
– First Ever Android Phone for Tracfone Service
– Triple Minutes for Life; Separate Balance for Minutes, Texts and Data (Example: Add 200 Minutes and Receive 600 Minutes and 600 Texts and 600 MB of Data)
– Includes 600 Minutes, 600 Texts and 600 MB of Data (minutes already tripled)
– Android 4.0
– 3 MP Camera with Video Recorder

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  1. I used to have Samsung Galaxy Centura phone but it sucks terribly because everytime I go on internet it keeps vibrating for a bit and then the screen freezes up and I had to reboot my phone!!?

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