The best thing to do when trying to make your product or the product that you are offering somebody is to make… of course great commercials!

What you need for that? Firstly, you need a great product such as Motorola Backflip and need great idea. As for the idea, AT&T tried to put the emphasize not on the Motorola phones, as most of the companies usually do, but rather to promote its own better sides.

That’s why AT&T tried to advertise the fact that it can allow its customers to talk on the phone and surf the web at the same time. This seems to be quite appopriate opportunity to advertise. The thing is that this opportunity is missing for the customers of the Verizon wireless.

Except that the company offers two unique commercials where everything seems to be in action all the time. That’s one of the best ways to advertise Motorola phones, as they are originally designed to serve for the active people.

Another great emphasize is made upon the choice of the actors and the main characters. Their appearance seems to be benefiting the idea of being young, energetic and communicative.

After all, let’s say that the Motorola Backflip commercial from AT&T seems to be quite interesting and will lead to the great promotion of the product and the company itself at the same time.

Seems like even the cooperation with the mobile operators- thus partically coping with AT&T and partially coping with Verizon seems to give even more points to Motorola.

By Anna