T- Mobile Dash3G With T-Mobile Activation Plan

INTRODUCTION The glossy T- Mobile Dash3G supports 2G as well as 3G technology, which provides better quality of service to consumers. Dash3G uses a trackball which helps in easy navigation within and between applications. The quad band cell phoneexcels in providing extensive multimedia capabilities, location based features and the ubiquitous apps. It is available with […]


Ukrainian Lifestyle

Speaking about modern Ukrainian customs and traditions it is necessary to stress that the Ukrainians are proud of their colorful folk culture. They love good food and drink and have a zest for life. Most Ukrainian middle-class and lower class urban families live in flat in multi-storied buildings; only rather rich people can afford to […]


Talking about the DDoS attack, bullying and AT&T/Time Warner deal

Today’s Episode The DDoS attack is a wake-up call. This happens quite a bit in the gaming industry. DDoS seems to happen monthly. However, seeing this happen on a bigger scale is scary. The other problem is terrible security for wearable technology. These companies are sacrificing security for speed and ease. People want things to […]


Best Cell Phone Plans! | May 2016

BEST CELL PHONE PLANS | MAY 2016 ⬇︎EXPAND FOR MORE INFO⬇︎ Individual Cell Phone Plans Spreadsheet! – https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1IpyT6gJUrdLO9c58ePJlAOGKzxjYk07WdPTHlXUyKxE/edit?usp=sharing REVIEW VIDEOS Cricket Wireless Review – https://youtu.be/jKkpdVW7JSs US Mobile Review – https://youtu.be/5HpP3o3-7uk T-Mobile Review – https://youtu.be/4ZmP30TFiPg RingPlus Review – https://youtu.be/j8bXCcUqZW8 Page Plus Review – https://youtu.be/XdZS9f4q8Dg Project Fi Review – https://youtu.be/MBwLUEveth0 LIGHT USER PLANS Page Plus – https://www.pagepluscellular.com/plans/ […]


Laptop Computer Cooling Pads For All

Do you have a laptop computer? Where do you use it the most? On your lap, in the car, while traveling, in bed, while watching television – actually anywhere since you can take it and go. I find that I use my laptop computer the most on my lap, in bed or in my favorite […]