Enjoy Cell Phone Shopping

People are always looking for new ways to enjoy cell phone shopping. The cell phone that they use every day, almost seems like an old friend that they want to keep close to their heart, and yet far enough away from their wallet to make them seem more affordable. People enjoy cell phone shopping in […]


Actions You Must Take When Water Damages Your Cell Phone

No, most of the people you may see strolling down the street, cruising in their cars, or shopping for groceries in the grocery store, slowly pushing their carts are not mumbling to themselves. They are likely on the phone. It sees everywhere you go someone will be either using their cell headset or grasping a […]


Tech Tips for Mobile Realtors

Mobility equals success in real estate, and a little extra leg work can pay off big. Put simply, the more homes you show, the more you’ll likely sell. This is the most obvious example, but there are thousands of others. No matter what kind of city you’re working in, or what kind of properties you […]


Radio Shack Cantel AT&T Cell Phones Television Commercial 1997

Radio Shack Cantel AT&T Cell Phones TV Television Commercial from 1997. General Wireless Operations Inc. (doing business as RadioShack) is an American chain of wireless and electronics stores, originally founded in 1921 and today owned by the Standard General affiliate General Wireless. It is partnered with Sprint, and most stores are branded as “Sprint” though […]